ViralOff® Mask Care Instructions

ViralOff® Mask Care Instructions

The ViralOff® Mask is treated with a high dosage (3%) silver additive that's been shown to inactivate viral particles on the fabric. 

Antiviral Efficacy (15x Washes)

  • The antiviral efficacy of the mask lasts around 15x cycles in the washing machine.
  • The vicious nature washing machine cycles causes the silver particles to dislodge from the fabric (don't worry -- they're bluesign® approved and don't cause any damage to your skin or the ocean).
  • To extend the life of the masks, we recommend minimizing machine washing by either disinfecting or handwashing the masks routinely.

Disinfecting the Mask

  • After every wear, use a disinfectant wipe or isopropyl alcohol to wipe down the exterior of the mask.
  • The outer layer of the mask is water repellent, in order to keep moisture-based particles from penetrating the mask.
  • Wiping the outer layer will work to disinfect any moisture-based particles that remain from a sneeze or cough.


  • After disinfecting, we recommend placing the mask in the included ViralOff® Bag to 'quarantine' for 4 hours to allow the technology to disinfect any remaining particles on the fabric. 



  • If the interior of the mask gets dirty from heavy use, handwash the whole mask with mild detergent and warm water.

Machine Wash

  • For heavier use (in crowded settings, wearing all day), machine washing after every use is optimal.
  • Remove the metal nose bond before machine washing to prevent damage to the nose bond.
  • Machine wash in warm water, on the least intense cycle. Hang to dry.

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