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ForEVER my climbing leggings!

I took these bad boys to Mount Elbrus -- the highest peak in Europe and one of the 7 Summits -- and summited feeling amazing in my new favorite leggings. I was skeptical about the whole "no stink" technology, but after 5 days on the mountain with no shower and climbing close to 19,000 feet, I came down still wearing these beauties feeling fantastic and not insecure of what I may smell like.
Now I am back home wearing these on the regular on the street and to Yoga -- I prefer them to my lululemons. The make your butt look amazing and I love the unfinished bottoms -- super comfortable.
These are officially my new favorite brand of leggings!
**picture is on top of Elbrus (wearing the leggings under the GoreTex)

Yummy beautiful gorgeous ❤️

Athletic curvy figure 5’4” 140lbs
Very happy I bought these leggings. The size 2 fit perfect. I want to tell you how impressed I was with your customer service. You managed to exchange the pair I originally got, with a better fitting pair in less than one week! These leggings are, by far, the most elegant and flattering pair I own. The best part is no-stink fabric. Seriously, I wore them 5 days in a row. Fresh as daisy! The fabric is very soft and supple, and I’m getting lots of compliments on the side pockets.

I want more!

I came across these on Instagram and was skeptical but when they came in, I was pleasantly surprised! I normally am a Size Small or a Size 4 at Lululemon, I purchased size 0 and they are a little more snug than most of my workout pants but they stretch and move with me. I don't have to keep pulling them up or adjusting them like other leggings. I love how high the waist band comes up. The thing that really sold me were the pockets and they fit my iphone 7! I received them last week and have already worn them climbing, hiking and for a yoga session. These remind me of the Lululemon Fast & Free tight but thicker and a warmer material. Really love these and can't wait until they have more colors! Happy Ever Brand has a sustainability message behind their awesome leggings too.

Damn near perfect leggings

I would've given 5 stars but there's always room for improvement. The improvement isn't much though far as I can tell. The fit was to absolutely die for! I've worn Lululemon, Fabletics and other big name brand leggings but THESE were the most comfortable leggings I've ever put on. It was the right amount of snug (without cutting off your circulation like others I've worn or pulling on the knee), the seaming is flattering to the body's lines and curves, it's the most breathable leggings I've ever had (either walking in hot and humid GA heat or taking a 105 degree yoga class... my legs were cool the entire time) it was as if I didn't have anything on at all. AND, they have POCKETS! Like real, deep pockets that can hold so much and your items won't fall out while moving or become uncomfortable. I can't speak upon the "no-stink" feature because I personally feel ways about not washing clothes after I worked out in them... so that's just a personal preference. But overall I love these leggings! The only thing I can ask for differently is more solid colors and maybe some not as high high waist options.

perfect yoga leggings

After using these leggings in multiple yoga classes (e.g., hatha, vinyasa, power, restorative), I can safely say they are perfect for yoga, with just enough hold and stretch in the right places. The material is very breathable, and they were great for heated and flow classes - definitely kept me cool throughout the class, and seemed to stay dry. These would also be really great for backpacking because of they dry so quickly and are generally super light. I wore them 5-6 times before I washed them, and even when I did, they didn't smell at all and felt pretty clean. I was initially pretty hesitant about whether the thin fabric would keep me warm walking around the city, but they did surprisingly well even in 40-50 degree weather. I do wish they were hemmed at the bottom instead of the raw hem, but that's just my stylistic preference

so functional and comfy!

These have quickly become my new favorite hiking leggings. I did a 10 hour hike and my phone stayed put the entire time in the deep side pockets. The cut of them is so flattering too!

Best. Leggings. Ever.

I spent a lot of time on the road and in the backcountry. I also love wearing leggings as my choice bottoms for all my outdoor adventures. These pants are, hands down, the best pair of pants I’ve owned. I’ve always had an issue finding leggings that fit my frame with the right level of snugness and the correct length (not too short but not too long). I was immediately surprised at how great these leggings fit and also - how flattering they are!!! I’ve worn these pants several times in a row on backpacking trip without washing. I was stunned at how well they’ve faired after days of dirt and sweat. I’ve said to my husband, that if I could live in one piece of clothing forever - Ever Brand leggings would be my choice. And it’s so true. These are truly wonderful leggings that i will continue to enjoy for ages to come thanks to their durability and timeless aesthetic.

Leggings for Days!

I lead a very adventurous lifestyle, I am always working out or hiking in the back country. These leggings are great for those who can't wash them regularly, I would highly recommend them. I purchased a size 0 (I typically wear a size 2 in Lulu Lemon Leggings) they fit perfectly and I love that they are high waisted to smooth everything out. The pockets are great if you need to hold your phone or house key, they do not protrude and sit firm against the body when not in use. If you are very active and love wearing leggings these are for you, comfortable, functional and don't smell between washes!


Seriously been living in these leggings since I got them! I was a bit skeptical at first about the "wear 5x before washing" claim because... I'm def a "sweater". BUT ITS TRUE! I wore them to my boxing class then on several hikes and they remained odorless! But beyond that they're my favorite to wear because they are beyond comfortable and have side pockets you can throw your keys and phone into! EVER has truly made an amazing product and I can't wait for the Fall colors to come out (heart eye emoji)!!!!

The Leggings I've Been Dreaming Of!!

I absolutely, 100%, hands down ADORE these leggings!! EVER really has put thought into every detail of the legging - more than any other company in my opinion. I am very picky about the leggings that I will wear and these are by far my favorite due to their true opacity! They pass the "squat test" with flying colors, make you feel secure/compressed, are incredibly flattering, and are breathable! Do make sure to size down 1-2 sizes for the best fit :)

Finally found the leggings I've been looking for!

What a great pair of leggings! I do lots of hiking and backcountry trips and I never feel sweaty and gross in these. They are soft and breathable and very nicely structured. I absolutely love the side pocket and no stitching at the ankles so I can easily pair with hiking socks. I would suggest going a size down if you are in between sizes! I'm 5'10" and 145 lbs and wear a size 2.

I have been disappointed with a few expensive brands in the past and these are my new go to pair! Highly recommended!

Great for backpacking

I just wore these leggings on a three day backpacking trip. I didn’t feel gross at all! They fit well, are comfortable to move around in, and feel clean. It’s nice to not need to carry extra weight in my backpack. I also love the side pocket for holding my cell phone. I’ll be wearing these all the time!


Once I put these Ever leggings on I never wanted to take them off! I’m a curvy 5ft, 120lb woman and the size 2 is ideal for my body type/shape... the compression fabric is super comfy, stretchy and hugs my figure in a very flattering way. I normally have a difficult time finding leggings that aren’t too long and these leggings are the perfect length for me! Plus, they have slick pockets which are unnoticeable and convenient. Annnnd I can go days of wear and sweat without wash or odor. QUALITY with a purpose.


I couldn’t be happier with the fit of these pants. They are a dream to wear on the trails. No chafing, completely smooth and the sweat absorption tech works incredibly well.

Perfect fit and long use

I cycle/yoga/HIIT classes usually back to back and these pants are perfect for that. They absorb moisture a lot better than most of my Nike or lulu pants and do not carry any odor- even around the crotch area. Great for intense indoor cycling like soul because they compress well. Also very flexible and moves well for yoga or HIIT. So far I’ve been able to wear these for up to 4 workouts without needing to wash. The best thing is you can get your workout in then still run errands etc without feeling like your ass/crotch is wet. Highly recommend to everyone!

So glad I found these leggings

I am so grateful for these leggings. I wear a size small and bought the size 2 and they fit like a glove. I wore them to work, yoga, and on several long runs and the leggings move so well and effortlessly. They’re extremely soft but also super supportive at the same time. My butt also looks great ;) thanks!

SO happy I found these work out pants.

SO happy I found these work out pants. It’s tough for me to find a really good pair without having to drop a lot of money so these were perfect. I wore them for 4 days in a row to the gym, no stink and super drying after my work outs. Tough work outs too...insane! They are very comfortable. Love the support and soft, light weight stretchy fabric. Also love the high waisted cut with pockets on the sides. My biggest concern with work out pants is if they pass the squat test. You know when you squat and realize they are see through? But NOPE not these. Not see through. AT ALL. Amazing. I am 5”8 and wore a size 4. I would suggest going down a size from your normal size as they run big. I will for sure be buying more!

these are easily my favorite pair of leggings I own.

these are easily my favorite pair of leggings I own. already purchased another, phasing out the other like 10 vsx/adidas/nike pairs i own. 1. they are super flattering which let's be real.. it's very important and it hugs you in all the right places *wink wink*. it's high rise too which is always a plus (see photo). 2. these are the only pair of leggings I can reuse without washing them. sounds gross but trust me it's not. and according to my trainer no one sweats as much as i do at the gym lol also recommend going down a size on these if you like them snug or have smaller waist :)

BEST hiking leggings!

I wore these bad boys all over Ecuador, and they really held up. After 3 days of backpacking, a day hike on Cotopaxi, and a major summit of nearly 17,000 feet (I wore them under trekking pants for warmth), I didn't notice any smell! Plus, the quality of the stitching and the design/cut of them makes them feel super stylish and ready for anything. Several days out in Ecuador, I threw a dress on over them and wore them out to dinner. The solid black design makes them SO versatile. I also loved hiking around with my huge iPhone 7+ in the pocket while listening to music - no other hiking pants fit this phone comfortably!

Sure, they're a bit pricier than other leggings on the market, but they are sleek and built to last, which is what matters if you're a hardcore hiker babe. ;)


I love he pants, super comfortable and fot amazing. My only issue is they already have a fraying piece by the pocket after only 3 uses :/

Hey Sydnie! Sorry about that - we'll get you a new pair ASAP. Keep an eye out for an email!
New Favorite Hiking Leggings

Loved the feel and look of these Leggings! They were perfect for hiking and camping. I didn't feel all sweaty after hiking for several hours in them I love the pocket size of these leggings too! Fits my phone perfectly. Great product!

Best Leggings

These leggings are amazing - the high-waist is flattering and does not feel restricting, they don't sag down and really hold their shape, and the pockets are one of the best features! Perfect for a weekend in the back country or a sweaty gym workout.
I love the sustainability aspect of these as well, you can't go wrong with these!


honestly one of the best fitting leggings I've ever tried!
they feel so good on and finally a pair of leggings that you don't feel you have to wash after 10 minutes of sweating :)
highly recommend them!

Perfect Leggings for Mountain Days

I spend almost every weekend in the mountains hiking and scrambling and pretty much live in leggings. I've been disappointed in the durability of a lot of expensive leggings I've bought, as they stretch out and lose their shape. As soon as I put on the ever brand leggings, I knew they were my new favorites. They are extremely soft on the inside and fit perfectly snug. They are also quite flattering on me and the waist band hits the perfect height on my waist. I love hoe compressing they are while still very comfortable. I was amazed at how breathable and sweat wicking they are. The leg side pockets are an extra bonus, as I often like to stadh my phone in them on hikes so that IO can have easy access to get some great shots. Excited to get another color, I think I'll be living in these pants for sure!

Great hiking leggings!

I purchased these leggings after seeing an Instagram ad that boasted no smell or yuckiness during backpacking/hiking/working out. I was about to leave for a backpacking trip in Washington, so I knew I needed to give them a try! I will say - they were SUPER comfortable and nope! No nastiness!! BUY THEM! As others have mentioned, buy one size down from what you typically do with Lululemon. For reference, in regular pants, I'm a 10/12, Lulu I'm an 8, and with these I got a 6 and they were perfect.

I will also say that Ali with customer service is a total rockstar. We probably exchanged like 15 emails back and forth because I was nervous I wouldn't get my leggings before the trip. She was SO great with helping me out!!

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