A skin-cooling, bacteria-killing legging
you can wear 5x w/o washing.

wearagain™ Silver particles embedded in the fabric prevent the growth of smelly bacteria, fungus, mildew. Wear 5x before washing. sweatflow™ 37.5® particles in the fabric use your body heat to evaporate moisture before it becomes sweat, and dry the fabric 71% faster.
High waist 7/8 legging equipped with patented technology to keep you cool, dry, and odor-free. Buttery soft sweatflow™ fabric absorbs your body heat to swiftly evaporate moisture and eliminate mugginess. Cools your skin + dries 71% faster*. Wearagain™ technology uses silver to kill 99.9% of smelly bacteria + fungus. Wear 5x w/o washing.
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1 pair funds 1000L of water purification for a family in a developing country





"I’ve said to my husband, that if I could live in one piece of clothing forever - Ever Brand leggings would be my choice. And it’s so true."


"After 5 days on the mountain with no shower and climbing close to 19,000 feet, I came down still wearing these beauties feeling fantastic and not insecure of what I may smell like. These are my new favorite brand of leggings - I prefer them to my lululemons."



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ForEVER my climbing leggings!

I took these bad boys to Mount Elbrus -- the highest peak in Europe and one of the 7 Summits -- and summited feeling amazing in my new favorite leggings. I was skeptical about the whole "no stink" technology, but after 5 days on the mountain with no shower and climbing close to 19,000 feet, I came down still wearing these beauties feeling fantastic and not insecure of what I may smell like.
Now I am back home wearing these on the regular on the street and to Yoga -- I prefer them to my lululemons. The make your butt look amazing and I love the unfinished bottoms -- super comfortable.
These are officially my new favorite brand of leggings!
**picture is on top of Elbrus (wearing the leggings under the GoreTex)

Yummy beautiful gorgeous ❤️

Athletic curvy figure 5’4” 140lbs
Very happy I bought these leggings. The size 2 fit perfect. I want to tell you how impressed I was with your customer service. You managed to exchange the pair I originally got, with a better fitting pair in less than one week! These leggings are, by far, the most elegant and flattering pair I own. The best part is no-stink fabric. Seriously, I wore them 5 days in a row. Fresh as daisy! The fabric is very soft and supple, and I’m getting lots of compliments on the side pockets.

Damn near perfect leggings

I would've given 5 stars but there's always room for improvement. The improvement isn't much though far as I can tell. The fit was to absolutely die for! I've worn Lululemon, Fabletics and other big name brand leggings but THESE were the most comfortable leggings I've ever put on. It was the right amount of snug (without cutting off your circulation like others I've worn or pulling on the knee), the seaming is flattering to the body's lines and curves, it's the most breathable leggings I've ever had (either walking in hot and humid GA heat or taking a 105 degree yoga class... my legs were cool the entire time) it was as if I didn't have anything on at all. AND, they have POCKETS! Like real, deep pockets that can hold so much and your items won't fall out while moving or become uncomfortable. I can't speak upon the "no-stink" feature because I personally feel ways about not washing clothes after I worked out in them... so that's just a personal preference. But overall I love these leggings! The only thing I can ask for differently is more solid colors and maybe some not as high high waist options.

I want more!

I came across these on Instagram and was skeptical but when they came in, I was pleasantly surprised! I normally am a Size Small or a Size 4 at Lululemon, I purchased size 0 and they are a little more snug than most of my workout pants but they stretch and move with me. I don't have to keep pulling them up or adjusting them like other leggings. I love how high the waist band comes up. The thing that really sold me were the pockets and they fit my iphone 7! I received them last week and have already worn them climbing, hiking and for a yoga session. These remind me of the Lululemon Fast & Free tight but thicker and a warmer material. Really love these and can't wait until they have more colors! Happy Ever Brand has a sustainability message behind their awesome leggings too.


Once I put these Ever leggings on I never wanted to take them off! I’m a curvy 5ft, 120lb woman and the size 2 is ideal for my body type/shape... the compression fabric is super comfy, stretchy and hugs my figure in a very flattering way. I normally have a difficult time finding leggings that aren’t too long and these leggings are the perfect length for me! Plus, they have slick pockets which are unnoticeable and convenient. Annnnd I can go days of wear and sweat without wash or odor. QUALITY with a purpose.


prevents bacteria & odor

absorbs body heat + uses it
to evaporate moisture

save water
wear more.
wash less.

won't leech out onto skin/environment

sweatflow fabric

37.5 particles permanently embedded in the fabric use electrostatic force to draw heat & moisture away from your body

the particles use your body heat to evaporate moisture rapidly

+ keeps your skin cool & dry
+ takes longer to sweat
+ insulates heat when it’s cold

wearagain tech

silver particles embedded in the fabric to fight smelly bacteria, fungus, and mildew.

silver is mother nature’s bactericide - found everywhere in nature

the particles are bluesign approved and never wash out


  • Are they ethically + sustainably manufactured?

    Our manufacturer is located in Pakistan and is fair trade / WRAP certified. They provide generous wages, comfortable working conditions, and employee benefits including medical care and subsidized food. They're also a leader in sustainable manufacturing - they report their carbon footprint and have reduced it every year since 2012.
  • Isn't this gross?

    We get this may sound strange. Scientifically, there's nothing gross about it. Sweat itself is odorless. Sweaty clothing, however, is a breeding ground for smelly bacteria/mildew.

    EvDry™ rapidly evaporates the sweat and prevents the growth of the bacteria & mildew, so there's no odor and no colonies of organisms. It's simply a mental stigma to get past.
  • How many times can I actually wear before washing?

    We've found great results with:
    - 3x for sweat-intensive activity (Hot Yoga, Spin)
    - 5x for regular wear (Everyday, Hiking, Yoga)

    It's really up to you - figure out what your sweet spot is. For light wear, you can push 7+ times.
  • Do you guys have any other styles or colors?

    Not yet. We focused our initial efforts on crafting what we consider to be the perfect legging. We're in the lab developing new gear, and new SweatFlow colorways are coming in the Fall. If there's something specific you'd like to see us make, shoot us a message on FB! We'd love to hear your input.
  • What size should I get?

    We recommend going down 1-2 sizes from what you wear in other brands for a compressive fit. For reference, some of our customers that wear a size 8 in lululemon have found a size 4 to be a snug fit in EVER. Please make sure to refer to our size chart before ordering.
  • How's the pilling?

    A third party pilling test on our fabric gave it a 4.5 score out of 5 (5 being the least amount of pilling). That being said, given intense use, like intense workouts or rubbing against abrasive outdoor surfaces, pilling in a soft fabric is difficult to avoid without sacrificing other qualities. With normal wear and tear, most legging fabrics will pill a bit.

    Pilling is intensified when you wash fabric frequently in hot water, which is a burdensome process for the fabric to go through. Wash these in cold water and less frequently and you'll greatly reduce the pilling amount.


We're installing self-sustaining solar water purification systems in rural villages across the globe.

Each SweatFlow pair purchased funds 6 months of drinking water for a family in a rural village.


We offer a full 30-day moneyback guarantee. If you’re not in love with what you bought, send it back for a full refund, no questions asked.

US Orders:

Unused Items + Exchanges: we’ll send you a pre-paid return label.

Used items: we’ll provide you a return number and address to ship to. You're responsible for shipping.

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All items: we’ll provide you a return number and address to ship to. You're responsible for shipping.

To process a return, email


Try our leggings for 30 days risk-free. Take 'em for a sweat.

If you don't love them for any reason, send 'em back for a full refund. It's that simple.

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Note: we recommend going 1-2 sizes down from what you wear in other brands for a compressive fit. If you're in-between sizes on our size chart, go with the smaller size for a more snug waistband.