The ViralOff® Mask (5 Pack) [Ships 6/10]

4-layer mask treated with ViralOff® technology, a high dosage Silver additive that's been proven to inactivate H5N1 and SARS Viruses by 99% within 2 hours.

Machine washable up to 15x
Pliable metal nose bond creates seal against nose
Higher dosage of ViralOff®, a virus-inactivating technology that's more resilient in the washing machine

    1. Water repellant outer layer keeps out moisture-based particles (droplets from coughs, sneezes) [AATCC22 Water Repellency test: 75/100]
    2. 3 inner layers treated with ViralOff®, a high dosage Silver additive that's been proven to inactivate SARS and H5N1 by 99% in 2 hours [ISO18184:2019 Test]
    3. Machine washable up to 15x
    4. Removable, pliable metal nose bond to create seal against bridge of nose for maximum protection
    5. 100% Polyester Water Repellant Outer Layer | Nonwoven Twin Core Layers | 100% Cotton Inner Layer

Total Masks Donated: 21,535

Size Guide



    They can be machine washed 15x while maintaining antiviral efficacy. To extend the life of the mask, we recommend using a disinfectant spray/wipe to disinfect the exterior after every use, alternating between masks every day, and handwashing with mild detergent after long use / extended exposure. Remove the nose bond before washing.
    They are unisex -- view our Size Guide for more. S/M accomodates face sizes (measured from bridge of nose to bottom of chin) up to 4.6". For faces that are larger than 4.6", L/XL is the best bet. Please note that we made them intentionally snug to mimic the airtight seal of N95s. A snug fit against the face is important for maximum protection.
    Because of the intentionally snug fit, the S/M size can pull on the ears if you have a larger face. To address this, in June we're releasing an ear-saving headband that connects to the mask straps.
    Our masks are made in Vietnam at a WRAP certified facility. They are a leader in sustainability and social responsibility, and are paying their employees extra for working during the crisis.
    These were designed for the general public, and are not FDA approved. However, in the absence of N95s, we believe these to be a better alternative for healthcare workers than regular cloth masks or surgical masks. If you have an N95, our masks can help preserve the lifespan of them by filtering out and inactivating some of the virus particles before they reach the N95 filter.
    Yes! Please email for all bulk/wholesale inquiries.
    Please fill out the form at to request a donation for your organization. We can’t guarantee we’ll be able to fill your request but we’re doing everything we can to get to as many as possible!
    The next batch of v2 ships out from our California warehouse June 10th. V1 is shipping now.